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don't let them shoot your kite

don't forget pinback!

i might as well reccomend the band ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, too. Instrumentally, they are incredibly talented: they switch instruments on stage and on their albums frequently. Lyrically, they're very interesting. Looks-wise, they are hot -- and also very different. (not that that's important at all, but still, i'm tryin' to cater to the masses here.)

Plus, the name is great. Called "Trail of Dead" for short (or ToD), the name is supposedly from an excerpt of a Mayan prayer for a harvest festival.

Consisting of Conrad Keely (<3), Kevin Allen, Jason Reece, and Neil Busch, they have an extremely diverse sound. Although every band has their own unique "taste" to them, most of their songs sound quite different from each other. Although this makes it hard to like everything they put out there, you can also appreciate how they're not stuck in one category.

From the self-titled album, download Gargoyle Waiting (the beginning of the song is not to my liking, but it changes pace drastically) or Fake Fake Eyes.

From the "Madonna" album, download Blight Takes All, Perfect Teenhood, Mark David Chapman or Sigh Your Children. They all sound different from one another. If you don't like any of those, download Clair de Lune.

From "Source Tags & Codes", download How Near How Far, It Was There That I Saw You, or Another Morning Stoner. Then get the song Homage just to make a comparsion.
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